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The NFP Dilemma, Again

In case you missed it, I would like to call your attention to the comboxes, where the long-dormant discussion on NFP has resumed, after a long anonymous post that detailed one couple’s struggle  with the questions raised over a year ago (and their problematic “solution” to the problem). That discussion- the longest and most heartbreaking in this blog’s history- was prompted by my post “Is Natural Family Planning Really Natural”, which raised doubts about the NFP establishment’s claim that there was an absurdly low divorce rate among couples practicing the method. I contrasted this with my anecdotal experience of knowing teaching couples whose marriages had failed or were in trouble, and speculated that the periodic abstinence during ovulation (the woman’s most ardent time) stressed marriages and actually weakened them.

Anyway, some of those who had written last year are updating their stories…

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