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Maybe two weeks ago I posted a link to Distributism International, an effort by folks of various nationalities to build a worldwide distributist network.

I clicked the link today and it has disappeared. I have no idea where it went.

I mean I know distributism is quixotic, something of a long shot politically, but a two week life span?

I’ll leave the link for a while, just in case it reappears….

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Solidarity with Mitt?

I am probably not alone in wondering what the hell was going on when Lech Walesa appeared to endorse Mitt Romney for president during the Republican candidate’s recent trip to Poland.

Apparently Walesa’s union brethren were not thrilled either: Andrzej Adamczyk, head of Solidarity’s international department, issued a statement clearly distancing the union from the Walesa-Romney love fest:

“NSZZ ‘Solidarnosc’ is in no way involved in the organization of this meeting nor had the initiative to invite Mitt Romney to Poland. Regretfully, we have learned from our friends in the American trade union central AFL-CIO representing over 12 million workers about Mitt Romney’s support for the attacks against trade unions and labor rights. In this respect, I wish to express, on behalf of the President of NSZZ ‘Solidarnosc’ Piotr Duda, our solidarity with American workers and trade unions. NSZZ ‘Solidarnosc’ will always support the AFL-CIO in their struggle for the right of workers to organize and bargain collectively.”

Mr Walesa has apparently gone weird in his old age.

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The great American musician Taj Mahal is going to be in Akron Friday, at Lock 3 Park. This is part of the series that brought Roseanne Cash to town a couple of months ago. I’m planning on going; I have been listening to Taj since adolescence. He is a pioneer of world music, and dips into just about every sound that traces its origins to Africa. This is a great reggae song, from the 60s:

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