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Now that it is over I can talk about it.

I mean the heat wave, of course. The temperature was hovering around 90 here for two weeks, and around 100 for the last few days of it.

I am of the blonde, blue-eyed persuasion and the heat wipes me out. My ancestors all lived in the north- England, Ireland, Scotland, Canada, northern Michigan- and genetically I am just not cut out for it. Saturday, when it was 101, was the worst; I don’t remember ever feeling that exhausted after a day of carrying mail.

Not that I lost all perspective; first, we never lost power. Enduring that sort of heat without fans or air conditioning would be daunting. For that matter, think of my Amish neighbors, not only without electricity, but bearing it all in long sleeves and long pants.

And I was aware that some parts of the country were even hotter.

Also, I always remind myself of those occupations for whom the heat is even worse. Think of trash collectors; there work is arduous and garbage stinks when it is hot. At least the mail doesn’t smell bad. Or roofers; they don’t have the shade that I get walking, and again, the work is harder. Or the guys laying down asphalt, a hot job even on a cool day.

But that said, thank God for the relief; the one good thing about such weather is that it makes 85 feel comfortable….

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It’s pretty clear, from these charts, that a college education is no longer affordable to the working and middle classes without taking on an onerous debt.

Thus we see more evidence of the growing disparity in wealth and power between the affluent few and the rest of us. 

Lord have mercy.

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A nice little film promoting cooperatives:

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