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While this might seem the ultimate Johnny Cash autobiographical tune, it was in fact written by Bono of U2, and appeared as the last track on that band’s 1993 album Zooroapa:

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How is that Hope and Change thing coming along? The latest, from AntiWar.com:

The United States is planning to maintain significant military presence in the Middle East going forward, including 13,500 US troops in Kuwait, to help maintain hegemony over the region, according to a new congressional report released Tuesday.

The study by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee examined the US relationship with the six nations of the Gulf Cooperation Council – Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Oman – and followed up on earlier stated plans to surge the US presence in the region after Washington was forced out of a remaining military force in Iraq in December of last year.

The failure to agree with the Iraqi government on the legal grounds for a contingent military force in Iraq was a huge blow to Washington, which desperately wants to maintain control over the region amid fast-paced change.

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