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Yes, of course the Leadership Conference of Women Religious is full of radical feminists, promoters of women’s ordination, and all sorts of other things foreign to Catholic tradition.

Duh. This has been true for oh, forty years. The time to deal with them was then.  Now they are irrelevant. They are old; the median age of American nuns is 69, and creeping higher every year. The institutions of the modernist orders are closing, vocations are non-existent.

Leave them alone, and let them die off.

Meanwhile, though, the more traditional orders, the ones who wear habits and attract young women to the convent, like the sisters in this photo, are, many of them, bowing to the god of Americanism. There are too many instances of American habited sisters swooning over the late candidacy of Rick Santorum, defender of torture and assassination as foreign policy.

What I want to know is whether the Vatican is going to wait forty years before doing something about this. One can’t help but worry for the young minds in the care of teaching sisters whose first religion is America, who endorse candidates whose political positions fly in the face of Catholic social teaching.


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