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Glancing at my stats this morning I saw that I had an unusually high number of visitors for so early in the day. Indeed, I had more than I have at the end of most days. Looking further into it I saw that the vast majority of these were from France. I do not know how to figure out what triggered this avalanche of French visitors.

So: can one of you French readers kindly inform me of how you found your way here?

The curiosity is killing me.

Update: The mystery deepens. While many hundreds of French people visited this site in our wee hours, none has since I asked how they found it. Or maybe it was just one French smart aleck, clicking onto C&T over and over again. I’m used to visitors from all over the world -would you believe Ethiopia, Malaysia, and Mali?- but I have never been inundated with so many…and I may never know why.

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