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Yes, you read that right. Former CIA Director in the Bush Administration General Michael Hayden gave the commencement address to Franciscan University’s graduating class on May 12. Here is how the school website describes the event:

“This year’s commencement speakers have distinguished themselves by defending our shores, protecting the sacredness of human life, and shaping our form of worship as Catholics,” says University President Father Terence Henry, TOR. “These outstanding leaders will send forth the Class of 2012 with the faith, hope, and courage so needed in our world today.”

The General was then presented with an honorary doctorate.

General Hayden not only was instrumental in the dismantling of American rights in the name of national security after 9/11, he vigorously defended “enhanced interrogation”, ie, torture, saying “These methods work”. And of course he supported the unprovoked invasion of Iraq.

It is beyond ironic that a university named after St Francis of Assisi, a man of peace, would honor such a man. This, after Senator Santorum, another defender of torture and preemptive war, was received as the Anointed Catholic Candidate when he visited Steubenville.

Perhaps the college should just change its name to “The Republican University of Steubenville” and get it over with.

Lord, have mercy.

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This is so fine:

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New evidence that the White House directed the crackdown on the Occupy movement, all the while the President was posing as the anti-Wall Street candidate:

 “The overall sense from these latest documents is that Washington and the DHS, along with the FBI, was the nexus of the crackdown, orchestrating it, encouraging it, and attempting to cover its tracks.

The documents among other things expose the massive hypocrisy of the Obama administration and the Democratic Party, which this election year have tried to co-opt and claim as their own the anti-fat-cat theme of the “We are the 99%”-chanting Occupiers, while actually acting in the interest of Bank of America and its fellow financial sector mega-firms in trying to crush the movement itself.”

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Art by Pawel Kuczynski

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