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Three weeks ago today I returned from visiting my mother in a hospice in northern Michigan. Two days after that my sister called me to say that my mom would not make it through the night. Just about every day since I have heard the same, but she continues to hang on by an ever-slimmer thread. I had planned on making the 10 hour drive last week, but then the nurses began a morphine drip for the pain and said that she would not regain consciousness. My sisters urged me not to come at that point.  And while it has been an excruciating wait here, my heart really goes out to my two sisters, who have been keeping vigil for weeks.

And then, two days ago, my bride received a phone call. Her mother, who was 56, had died in North Carolina. At this point no cause of death has been determined.

Obviously, this is a lot. I will not be posting here until things settle.

Some may find it bitter that so much death is visiting us in this, the Pascha time, when the Church celebrates Resurrection.

Not me; I find great comfort in the icon of the Resurrection, in the hope that one day Christ will reach out and free us all from the prison of Death, and bring us into the beauty of a resurrected, perfect Life.

Pray for all of us.

Update: I got the long awaited call from my sister yesterday, about an hour after I wrote this post: my mother died, peacefully and without struggle. Lord have mercy…

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