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I think it was Fr Robert Sirico who first came up with the idea of masking his individualistic economics by wrapping it in the term “subsidiarity”. Congressman Paul Ryan has taken up the word as well, speaking piously about how important Catholic social doctrine is to him, and how his proposed budget, which to all appearances punishes the poor and rewards the rich, is really all about caring for the downtrodden in the name of “subsidiarity”.  This gives his ideas the aura of authentic Catholic social teaching, but because the accompanying virtue of solidarity is ignored by Ryan and his like, what you end up with is a total aberration, a social philosophy that uses “subsidiarity” as a cover for individualism. I mean, really, Paul Ryan is a public fan of that evil woman, Ayn Rand, an antiChrist if ever there was one,  and pushes her books on his staff. How can he speak of his esteem for Catholic social teaching with a straight face?

James Beresel recognizes the hypocrisy, saying,  “(t)here may be those who are confused and think that the Catholic doctrine of subsidiarity is the same as libertarian or other “small government” doctrines common in the United States. I would like to highlight some of the differences between the two.”

And he does so brilliantly. Read his piece in The Distributist Review here.


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Donovan and Laura Nyro

I am no great fan of Cleveland’s Rock Hall of Fame. I have taken two of my sons, aspiring musicians, there for their birthdays, and it is all right for what it is, though it is not very well organized. My real gripe is that it is very overpriced: tickets are $22, when it is really more like a $10 museum. And of course the whole thing is mostly hype, though one would have to be hardhearted to begrudge Cleveland, the poorest city in the country, whatever inklings of respect it may hope to attain by claiming, dubiously, the title of Rock Capitol.

That said, this weekend two of my favorite artists from the sixties, Laura Nyro and Donovan, are being inducted to the Rock Hall.

Laura Nyro never made the charts with anything she performed, though she wrote many hits for other artists. This is a shame, as in my opinion  her restrained versions of her songs were superior to the Top Ten versions.

Donovan, of course, had many hit songs, though like most artists of the times his really good stuff was buried in his albums and are not well known. Here is one of them, and a song by the late Ms Nyro:

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A U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) team has found that a sharp jump in earthquakes in America’s heartland appears to be linked to oil and natural gas drilling operations.

As hydraulic fracturing has exploded onto the scene, it has increasingly been connected to earthquakes. Some quakes may be caused by the original fracking — that is, by injecting a fluid mixture into the earth to release natural gas (or oil). More appear to be caused by reinjecting the resulting brine deep underground.

More here.

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