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For Palm Sunday

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Today is the last day of Lent; the Orthodox and Byzantine Catholic tradition does not consider Holy Week part of Great Lent, even though the fasting intensifies.

It was a strange Lent; the first three days were the hardest, then it became routine and passed quickly. And I must admit that as a great sensualist I have found some very savory vegan things to eat . Until this last week, that is. Suddenly food that I would not ordinarily eat- Big Macs, cheap Little Caesar’s pepperoni pizzas- sounded delicious.

Roman Catholics who announce that they “love Lent” crack me up. “Of course you love Lent,” I think, “You gave up freaking chocolate.”

 Not that Latin Catholics never practice austerity; my friend Maclin gave up coffee. I mean, really. I can do without meat, but I don’t like it. Abstaining from dairy? Even harder, but doable. Marital relations? Hardest of all, given my bride’s great beauty and sweetness. (And no, these are not matters of great asceticism).

  But coffee? No way.

 I stand in awe of Maclin’s asceticism.

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