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“It may not be the revolution’s dawn, but it’s certainly a glint in the darkness. On Monday, this country’s largest industrial labor union teamed up with the world’s largest worker-cooperative to present a plan that would put people to work in labor-driven enterprises that build worker power and communities, too.

Titled ‘ Sustainable Jobs, Sustainable Communities: The Union Co-op Model,’  the organizational proposal released at a press conference on March 26 in Pittsburgh, draws on the fifty-five year experience of the Basque-based Mondragon worker cooperatives. To quote the document:

‘In contrast to a Machiavellian economic system in which the ends justify any means, the union co-op model embraces the idea that both the ends and means are equally important, meaning that treating workers well and with dignity and sustaining communities are just as important as business growth and profitability.’

It might not sound like big news to members of their local food coop but it’s revolutionary stuff in the context of industrial production. The United Steelworkers represents some 1.2 million members; the average steel plant requires millions of dollars of investment, and there’s history here when it comes to worker ownership—some of it painful.”

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March 29 (LAGER LAKE, WI)   Speaking before 5 supporters in an elementary school cafeteria in this small Wisconsin town, Newt Gingrich vowed to stay the course in his floundering presidential campaign. Despite dwindling finances and the laying off of half his staff, the former Speaker of the House declared his intention to “see this thing to the bloody end.” When a reporter asked if this was realistic, given his single digit numbers in the polls, Gingrich answered “Realistic? My friend, for a World Historical Figure, Reality has a different dimension than for mere mortals. Did Lincoln veer from his course when circumstances were daunting? Did Napoleon consult poll numbers? Did Churchill? No, my friend, I live in a different Reality. When you ask why I don’t bow out of the race, I can only cite Density. Er, Destiny.”

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Doing a Dylan song:

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