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“Today, Christians make up about a tenth of Syria’s 22 million people. Half of these two million souls belong to the Orthodox Church of the Patriarchate of Antioch, the preeminent Christian institution in the country. As many as 500,000 people belong to the Syriac Orthodox Church, and another 125,000 belong to the Armenian Apostolic Church. Catholics number around 400,000 people and belong primarily to the Armenian and Melkite Greek Catholic churches.”

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Romney Gets Real

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney today announced that he is a regular guy. “I am not wearing suits any more because, gosh darn it, I am just more comfortable in blue jeans”, he said. “What’s more, I will wash them in the sink of my Motel 6 room.” Romney also said that he had gotten rid of his plush tour bus. “I bought a ’68 Rambler, and that is what I am going to use in my campaign travels. I just want to hit the open road and meet other regular Americans.”

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March 28 (CHEDDAR FALLS Wisconsin)    Senator Rick Santorum today affirmed his  support for Israel, saying “Israel is our one Middle Eastern ally in the war against Radical Islam. As the only Western democracy in the region our alliance with Israel is vital.  And if elected president, I promise that I will kiss Israel’s ass every day, even if it hasn’t wiped itself.”

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Earl Scruggs, RIP

Earl Scruggs, the legendary banjo innovator, died yesterday.. He took the banjo out of the rhythm section forever, and paved the way for later creativity.

That sort of playing made this sort possible:

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