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Again! Reality Alert! This is not satire!

Look, I am no fan of Obama’s, but this Santorum ad is sheer demagoguery. If Iran, contrary to the fatwa of its Supreme Leader, really is working on developing nuclear weapons in two years it may possess one bomb . Israel has a couple hundred, the US has how many? Would you believe roughly 9600? This ad scares me, all right, but that’s because Santorum scares me, especially given the fact that he presents himself as Mr Catholic. If only he would pay attention to his pope and the teaching Church about something above the groin!

 But see for yourself:

On his website, under “American Exceptionalism” (he’s for it) is this gem of fearmongering and belligerence:

“Rick Santorum understands that the events of September 11, 2001 brought to our front door the uncomfortable truth that attacks on our soil are not merely a distant possibility, but a harsh reality.To combat this threat, Rick refused to back down from those who wish to destroy America.  Rick Santorum understands that those who wish to destroy America do so because they hate everything we are – a land of freedom, a land of prosperity, a land of equality.  Rick knows that backing down to the Jihadists means that we are only putting our foundational principles at greater risk.  As an elected representative, Rick knew that his greatest responsibility was to protect the freedoms we enjoy – and we should not apologize for holding true to these principles.That is why Rick refuses to call this a War on Terror, because, like Blitzkrieg, terror is a tactic.  Rick believes our nation’s leaders must be honest with the American people and call this war what it is, a War with Radical Islam.”

Sheesh. Even George W Bush had the sense not to give the impression that we are at war with Islam…

And check this out, again from his website, a recipe for war if ever I saw one:

Santorum Administration’s Response To Iran:

  • Reinstate full funding authorized under the Iran Freedom and Support Act to assist pro-democracy groups within Iran
  • Bring greater attention to human rights violations of the Iranian regime against democracy protestors and minority religious groups
  • Would work with Israel to eliminate the Iranian nuclear threat immediately; and developing a potential plan for military action if needed
  • Would work with Israel to determine the proper military response needed to stabilize the region, protect our allies and protect this country – including the authorization of targeted airstrikes on Iranian nuclear facilities.
  • Any nuclear scientist proven to be working for Iran’s nuclear program would be treated as an enemy combatant.
  • Help create Strike Funds to help organizers on the ground publicly protest and overthrow the regime
  • Economically target Iran by sanctioning Iran’s central bank coupled with opening all forms of energy production in the U.S effectively devastating Iran’s only economy
  • Ensure Iranian officials cannot access any of their funds by freezing bank accounts and significantly limit their travel by revoking visas
  • Refuse to negotiate on any level with the terrorist state of Iran
  • Neutralize Iran’s relationships with their primary allies in The Middle East by increasing pressure on Hezbollah and Syria
  • Eliminate the post of U.S. Ambassador to Syria
  • Stand with Israel as an ally and in any efforts Israel may take to defend themselves from Iranian aggression
  • Would push for, fully fund and build a comprehensive missile defense system, and reevaluate the ramifications of the Start Treaty
  • Authorize more research on the Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Threat
  • Develop a National Prevention Plan to prevent a severe terrestrial and space emergencies that would take down our information systems or electrical grids

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