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Returning to our usual satirical mode:

After giving a huge gift to Mitt Romney’s rivals by saying that the candidacy was “like an Etch-A-Sketch”, that it could be shook up and started over after the nomination to bank more to the center, Romney aide  Eric Fehrnstrom clarified things: “I misspoke; I mistakenly cited the wrong vintage toy. I didn’t mean Etch-A-Sketch, I meant Sit and Spin.”

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From Stephen M. Walt:

“This month marks the ninth anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq. Regardless of your views on the wisdom of that decision, it’s fair to say that the results were not what most Americans expected.  Now that the war is officially over and most U.S. forces have withdrawn, what lessons should Americans (and others) draw from the experience? There are many lessons that one might learn, of course, but here are my Top Ten Lessons from the Iraq War.

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The actual logo of The American Catholic blog. Apparently they give awards...

Do you remember when “American Catholic” was a term of scorn used by the Wanderer right to dismiss the American liberal Catholic establishment?  Now, apparently, it is a badge worn by pride by Republicatholics. I discovered that a blog called “The American Catholic” had called my piece on Santorum and the conservative Catholic subculture a “screed” and linked to it. In the comments on that blog I was lumped in with Catholic “liberals”, which is a hoot. But for those used to sizing up and dismissing others who are not in the tribe, this is understandable. And being miscategorized is nothing new for someone who edited a magazine that was called, variously, “New Age”, “conservative”, “hippie”, etc.

Apparently, radical Catholics, who like the Servant of God Dorothy Day, lean “right” on morality and doctrine and liturgy, but “left” on justice, war and empire, are a rare enough breed that we are generally misidentified when spotted.

Anyway, if you want to see a prime example of the conservative Catholic subculture, where nationalism trumps the teachings of Jesus Christ and His Church, where apparently sincere piety is combined with blinding devotion to American exceptionalism, this is the site for you: http://the-american-catholic.com/2012/03/21/so-which-is-it/

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