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A New Look

I have been wanting to change the appearance of this site for a while, but was a bit intimidated by the prospects, as I am very low tech. In fact, I am technologically stupid. How stupid? Well, I got the book WordPress for Dummies from the library. And it was way over my head.

But with the help of a librarian I did change the header. This is an edited scratchboard drawing that Michelle Dick did for a calendar that the magazine did in 1996. We also used it in an ad campaign around the same time. I love the drawing, and regret that so much of it had to be cropped out…maybe someone who is more skilled could have saved more of the original…

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(Thanks to Joseph at Byzantine TX)

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The Anointed One



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“Abdul Samad and a son survived because they were visiting a nearby town, but he came home to find his wife, four daughters and four sons had been killed in the shooting spree.A total of 16 Afghans were killed in the attack during the early hours of Sunday morning as the soldier left his base and broke into three houses, methodically executing the occupants.

Mr Samad, 60, said he had supported the United States’ offensive against the Taliban, but now demanded the American forces leave his country.”

More here.

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