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It has amazed me to see how many Democrats support Obama when he is doing the very things they denounced Bush and Cheney for, and even when he has pushed presidential tyranny far beyond their precedent. Fortunately there are some who stick to their principles, no matter what tribe they belong to. Here is Glenn Greenwald:

“The Democratic Party owes a sincere apology to George Bush, Dick Cheney and company for enthusiastically embracing many of the very Terrorism policies which caused them to hurl such vehement invective at the GOP for all those years. And progressives who support the views of the majority as expressed by this poll should never be listened to again the next time they want to pretend to oppose civilian slaughter and civil liberties assaults when perpetrated by the next Republican President (it should be noted that roughly 35% of liberals, a non-trivial amount, say they oppose these Obama policies).”

More: http://www.salon.com/2012/02/08/repulsive_progressive_hypocrisy/

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The Medford Protest

Good things often start small:

MEDFORD, Ore. — Over 70 protesters from various Occupy, Tea Party, and libertarian groups  gathered in downtown Medford Monday, February 13 for a rally against the National Defense Authorization Act.

In response to the September 11th attack, the NDAA law passed to allow the government to detain any person, foreign or a U.S. citizen, who supported Al-Qaeda and the Taliban or any other group against the United States.

 Protesters say the provisions in the law state that the government can detain U.S. citizens without due process and say it is a direct attack on a person’s civil rights. Protesters are hoping enough citizens will take action within grassroots organizations and eventually push Congress to repeal the law.

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