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 A coalition of three Southern Oregon Occupy Movements is joining forces with a local libertarian/Tea Party goup called Wake Up America Southern Oregon for a Monday February 13th protest in Medford against the National Defense Authorization Act. This is one of the first cooperative efforts between such groups. A statementnoted that the joint action will “show that united we can begin to stand up to the problems which face us as a nation and a people.”

Joe Snook of Wake up America stated in a message “it is time that We the People (all of us) unite!” Occupy Ashland Oregon and Occupy Meford Oregon: “The indefinite detention clauses within this year’s National Defense Authorization Act are a direct attack upon the civil rights of all Americans, and represent another step taken toward eroding the freedoms which lay at the foundation of our society.” It also pointed to a link to a speech by Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley, who was one of only thirteen Senators to vote against the bill.

More: http://www.scribillare.com/occupy-movement-and-libertarians-tea-partiers-find-common-cause-in-fight-against-ndaa/

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