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Many of the same liberal interventionists and chickenhawk neoconservatives who beat the drum for war with Iraq ten years ago are now drumming again for yet another preemptive war, this time with Iran.

You would think that if you had publicly advocated for a war which had killed so many needlessly, pushed an entire society into chaos, and then ended in great uncertainty, you would be so ashamed of yourself that you would never speak in public again.

Not these guys; they may have always been wrong about everything, but that has never stopped them from their next misadventure. No memory seems to exist for them regarding the fake intelligence about Saddam Hussein’s WMD, no recollection that they said the war would be a “cakewalk”, that American troops would be greeted with flowers.

They seem to live in a bubble of their own making, and they seem to assume that the world’s memory is as dim as their own.

I’m not saying that if Iran is indeed seeking to build a nuclear weapon it is a good thing (but neither is it a threat to either the US or Israel), but does anyone wonder why Iran might feel a bit insecure? Here it is, surrounded by hostile American military bases (marked by stars), not to mention that it is under the shadow of Israel’s 200+ nukes (why do none of these geniuses address disarming Israel’s nukes in the name of security?):

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