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Yesterday I had surgery for a “trigger finger”, a painful condition where one’s tendon sticks and then snaps. I figured this would be a pretty easy thing; after all, it involves a quick incision to cut the problem tendon. I thought I’d just roll up my sleeve, they’d administer a local anaesthetic, make the cut and I’d be on my way. I planned on driving afterwards the three hours to Columbus, where Tom Storck¬†lives, and where Richard Aleman, of The Distributist Review, was visiting on his way to his new home in Minnesota. Richard and I have read one another’s work and corresponded over the years, but have never met.

Alas, that was naive. The first sign of my unrealistic expectations was the hospital gown that awaited me. The second were the two IVs that were inserted in either arm. It turns out that not only was I out for the procedure, I was forbidden from driving for 24 hours.

I called Tom’s wife, Inez, from the hospital room and relayed the message that I was unable to come to Columbus.

I had further plans, which I worried were also unrealistic. I am not to return to work for two weeks, and I hoped to be able to work on some icons. After all, I have not completed an icon since August: first I had cataracts that made painting excruciating (I know, I am falling apart), then I was working so much overtime that I never had a chance to paint. Then, since it had been so long I began to be hesitant to paint, and when I tried to complete the Mother of God of the Sign icon I have been attempting to write since last Lent¬†I encountered problem after discouraging problem. I was like a man who hadn’t run in months attempting to complete a marathon. Finally my bride suggested that I try something simpler than this rather challenging pattern, so I started a simple icon of Christ, which was going well; I had done the initial underpainting and had begun the first highlights without any major disaster. I was hoping that my time at home would give me a chance to regain my lost skills.

But as the anaesthesia began to wear off, I began to doubt that this was realistic. First, I left the hospital with a bulky dressing that made it near impossible to hold a paintbrush. And second, the pain was worse than I had expected. And the Vicodin they gave me for it had no apparent effect.

Thankfully, this morning when I awoke the pain was much diminished, little more than what I had walked around with for months with my tricky finger. Second, I went for my follow-up appointment and the doctor removed the thick dressing and replaced it with a mere bandage, with a thin cloth wrapped around it.

So I am looking forward not only to a couple of weeks off with doctor-ordered rest, and lots of time with my small children, but to getting reacquainted with a lost skill. I have been like a man adrift without iconography these long months…

I know this is a small thing compared to the many cares weighing on you all, but a quick prayer for healing and success would be appreciated.

Art by Michelle Dick

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Aspiring War Criminals

Aside from Ron Paul, that describes the Republican presidential candidates:

We are, unfortunately, living in a huge madhouse of millions who believe that the their country can bomb any country in the world whenever it wants to. So to gain primary votes from a militarized public, the top three three GOP presidential candidates proudly boast they will to bomb Iran.

On television, they vow to bomb a foreign country[1], a crime against peace indictable under Nuremberg Principle Six [2] that automatically became part of the US constitution when it was signed on to.

Promoting war is a Crime Against Peace. At Nuremberg, Nazi media personalities were indicted for promoting war.[3] They stood in the dock right alongside Nazi government officials who ordered the wars and generals who executed criminal orders.

More, from Come Home America (scroll down): http://comehomeamerica.us/

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