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“Hodász is different,” said Father Tibor Egri, a Greek Catholic priest in this village of some 3,500 people in northeastern Hungary.

What makes Hodász exceptional is not its assorted parishes – Greek and Roman Catholic and Evangelical Protestant – or its mixed population of ethnic Hungarians and Roma, commonly called Gypsies. Rather, it is how these distinct groups have forged a cohesive community.

“People here get along easily,” Father Egri continued. “Many Hungarians associate the Roma with criminal activities. And the media reinforce the stereotypes and feed the prejudices.

“Roma here,” he added, “tend to be more ’Hungarian,’ which makes it easier.”

With up to 800,000 Roma now living in the country – between 5 and 10 percent of the overall population – Hungary typifies the Romany experience as a disenfranchised minority and yet offers hope for greater Romany social and political inclusion.

More, from One: http://www.cnewa.org/default.aspx?ID=3315&pagetypeID=4&sitecode=HQ&pageno=1

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These guys deserve each other, as they are in a close race for The Most Repulsive Man in America:

LAS VEGAS — Real estate mogul and reality show star Donald Trump intends to endorse Newt Gingrich’s GOP presidential bid, according to a source close to Gingrich’s campaign.

Trump is set to announce his support Thursday in Las Vegas, where Gingrich is campaigning in advance of Nevada’s Republican caucuses on Saturday.

More on the Donald endorsing the Newt:http://www.indystar.com/article/20120202/NEWS05/120202011/GOP-Trump-Donald-endorse-Newt?odyssey=nav%7Chead

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A new Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) report shows union membership increased in 2011, despite the year’s historic onslaught of anti-union attacks from Republican politicians.

The BLS report shows union membership increased by 49,000 from 2010 to 2011. The private sector led the way with a union membership increase of 110,000 employees, while the public sector saw a 61,000 decline, mainly due to government cutbacks. 

More, from The Union Review:http://unionreview.com/despite-attacks-us-union-membership-rises

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