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About Sheldon Adelson, who has contributed $10 million to Gingrich’s candidacy, all through Super PACs:

“So what is Adelson’s agenda?

He and his allies have been campaigning for war with Iran for years, not only here but in the Middle East. Adelson is a major financial backer of Israel’s ultra-nationalist Likud party, which calls in its platform for a “Greater Israel,” and he has backed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the hilt. The 16th richest man in the world, with his casino empire stretching from Macao to Las Vegas, he thought nothing of giving $60 million to Israel’s anniversary celebration. He is also a major backer of AIPAC, the most important pro-Israel lobbying organization – but downsized his contribution when the group signed on to the two-state solution advanced by both Republican and Democratic presidents – on the grounds that the plan means Israel is “committing suicide.” He supports the extremist – and increasingly violent – “settler” movement, and is the money-bags behind the “Clarion Fund,” which is responsible for flooding the US with anti-Arab propaganda.”

More, from Justin Raimondo: http://original.antiwar.com/justin/2012/01/24/adelson-gingrich-and-the-selling-of-america/


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The Return of Zita

Our friend Ben Hatke has released the cover to the Zita the Spacegirl sequel, which is slated for a September publication:


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Cloud Cult: Chain Reaction

(Thanks to the Pittsford Perennialist)

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