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Man is a musical composition, a wonderfully written hymn to powerful creative activity.
– St. Gregory of Nyssa (PG 44, 441 B)

“In St. Gregory’s thought,  man is not only a singer, but a song. We are not only song, but the song of God. Indeed within one theme of the fathers, all of creation is the song of God, spoken (or sung) into existence. “Let there be light,” is more than the voice of command: it is the uttering of a phrase that sets the universe as fugue. God sings. All of creation sings. The song of praise that arises from creation is offered to God, the Author of all things. It is also the sound of the creation itself, a revelation of the truth of its being. Music is not entertainment: rightly sung, it is the very heart of creation.”

A meditation by Father Stephen: http://fatherstephen.wordpress.com/

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Mitt Romney, in remarks this afternoon to a crowd at The Greased Pig Barbeque in Grits Corners, South Carolina, sketched his campaign strategy. A transcript of his speech:

My friends, as my opponents in the race for the Republican nomination have stolen a page from the socialist notebook of Barack Obama and have attempted to attack me for my success as a venture capitalist, it has become apparent that the upcoming presidential election will be no ordinary one. No, my friends, this election is going to be a referendum on the American way itself, on capitalism.

I for one offer no apology for my success, and I offer no apology for capitalism, the greatest economic system God has ever given to humanity. (applause)  Let others stoke class warfare and incite the politics of envy, as for me I heartily endorse the capitalist system, the system which has made America great.)

Were some jobs lost, some lives destroyed, as I climbed the ladder of success? Of course. In capitalism there are losers as well as winners. But what my opponents seem to forget is that this is America, and Americans don’t resent winners, they admire them. And they vote for them. I predict that in November enough of you losers will vote for Mitt Romney that I will be the next president of the United States. (prolonged applause, cheering)

America, vote for a winner! Vote for Mitt Romney! For a government of the 1%, for the 1%, and by the 1%! (crowd goes wild)

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Fleet Foxes: Mykonos

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