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Is it possible that after ruling like Bush Jr for three years Barack Obama can successfully recast himself as the populist defender of workers and the middle class? Absolutely, thanks to the Republicans. Not only have they appeared to have taken on a cartoonish image of guardians of the 1% and enemies of ordinary Americans, they took the cue and denounced Obama’s “class warfare” when he delivered what can only be seen as the opening salvo in his campaign for re-election. Not that this will fool the Occupy Wall Street movement or anyone else who has been paying attention to his actions over the last three years, but all it would take to convince the ordinary voter is for him to be friendlier to the 99% than his opponent, and that is not difficult. Image is everything in American politics, and it should be effortless for Mr Obama to pull it off.

But really, can it be that the President has come around and is rallying to the cause?

Not really:

“Under FDR, the top individual income rate was 94 percent. Under Kennedy, it was 91 percent. Under Lyndon Johnson, it was 70 percent. Under Reagan, it was 50 percent. Obama, the blood-curdling class warrior, would make it 39.6 percent.”

More, from Steve Chapman, who doesn’t think it a bad thing that Obama is not really taking on the elites: http://townhall.com/columnists/stevechapman/2011/12/08/barack_obama_class_warrior


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