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How Appropriate

Donald Trump will host the next GOP debate. Apparently the spectacle of the Republican presidential challenge wasn’t ridiculous enough.

I am actually sort of hoping that Newt will get the nomination. The idea of the thrice married philanderer who rakes in a cool million and a half from a federal entity he has denounced playing the role of defender of traditional values against an apparently faithful husband and father is rich indeed.

And who could not look forward to a “debate” hosted by a “reality” TV star and major buffoon?  

To his credit, Ron Paul will sit this one out, deeming it beneath his dignity.


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“The moment of victory came when 61 senators passed a version of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal year 2012 that allows the indefinite military detention on American soil of American citizens who are merely suspected of having connections to terrorism.

…What Senators McCain (R, Arizona) and Levin (D, Michigan), and those who voted for the legislation that they sponsored, cleverly realized, however, is that since the terrorists are attacking America for its freedoms and “way of life”, the only sure way to win the war is to eliminate all of those freedoms and way of life so that the terrorists will have no further reason to fight. (This is why the comprehensive laws that already exist in the USA that make the aiding and abetting of any terrorist organization or activity a crime, but leave untouched the inalienable rights of American citizens, simply do not suffice.)

For that reason, on December 1, an amendment to the aforementioned National Defense Authorization Act that would seek to preserve the very last freedom of Americans — to receive due process, including the right to a trial by jury, as required in the Constitution, before being detained by the state — was defeated, ensuring that no American freedom, and therefore no reason for the terrorists to hate America — any longer exists. Now, and thankfully for those who wish to defend the American values of peace and freedom, Americans can be detained by the military without trial or limitation.”

More sarcasm: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/robin-koerner/national-defense-authorization-act_b_1126762.html

Thank God that President Obama, right for once, says he will veto this legislation.

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