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Keeping America Safe

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CLEVELAND, Ohio — It’s called The Forgotten Triangle, a sparsely populated no-man’s-land on the edge of Cleveland’s Kinsman neighborhood where the few remaining residents joke that the population doubles at night, when outsiders come to dump garbage, debris and tires.

It is in this most unlikely of places, on roughly an acre of land that itself had become an illegal dump, that three childhood friends came to form a business that is, as co-founder Keymah Durden says, more a “mission to transform the city of Cleveland.”

They started a farm.

Their goal: to produce healthy, tasty vegetables, farm-raised tilapia fish and jobs for inner-city residents the economy has passed by.

More, from The Cleveland Plain Dealer: http://blog.cleveland.com/metro/2011/11/three_childhood_friends_start.html

You can also view a video here: urban farm

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