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A Momentous Anniversary

On this day in 1928 Walt Disney realeased the first sound sychronized animated film, Steamboat Willie.

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The Attack on Labor

Besides the attacks on collective bargaining in the states, congressional Republicans have been working hard to dismantle the National Labor Relations Board:

“The Republican witch-hunt against the NLRB is a classic example of an attack looking for a target.  In the Alice-in-Wonderland Republican worldview on labor rights, unions, not employers, intimidate workers (despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary); the NLRB (which is fighting for its very existence), not Boeing (which spent almost $4 million lobbying the federal government in the third quarter), wields dangerous political power; the Chamber of Commerce, not labor organizations, is the true defender of employee free choice; and legislation that would decimate labor rights helps, not hurts, American workers.”

More, from The Union Review: http://unionreview.com/labor-law-1

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