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I had forgotten how beautiful this was until I heard it on the radio yesterday:

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Driving home from Michigan yesterday I was watching the clouds with wonder the whole way. There were puffy cumulus clouds, so common to Michigan skies, and above them in a deep blue sky, feathery cirrus brushwork.

And I was seeing this without glasses.

I didn’t wear glasses until I was forty, and then at first only for reading. I figured this was good fortune, as both my sisters and my brother needed them since childhood. But my eyes deteriorated rapidly, and until my recent cataract surgery the world was a blur without spectacles. But now, not only are details sharper and colors brighter than when perceived with glasses, there is a new perception of depth. The world is beautiful and clear and deep, the colors almost jewel-like.

I know there is a natural explanation for my restored vision, but it feels very much like a miracle has happened to me.

I have spent an inordinate amount of time over the years denouncing the modern world. And there is much to denounce and criticize about it, but let me state that it is not an unmitigated disaster, not when a man’s sight can be restored. I mean, a hundred years ago a diagnosis of cataracts meant inevitable, gradual blindness.

I thank God, and the doctors, for this gift of new sight.

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The Eyes of a Child

As someone who has always been fond of small children, I have long loved this song, and the Moody Blues in general  (though not uncritically). Their music contains more wonder than almost any band of the era I can think of, though early Van Morrison- “Astral Weeks”, “Veedon Fleece”, etc- comes close.

The photo is my son Michael Seraphim a few years ago, when he was three.

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This Just In

Sesame Street occupiers:Sesame Street characters join Occupy Wall Street. Photographic evidence:

Thanks to http://www.tauntr.com/blog/occupy-sesame-street-gets-violent

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