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All who have firm hope in God are raised to Him and illumined by the radiance of the eternal light. If a man does not let excessive concern for himself turn him away from love for God and for acts of virtue, then this hope is true and wise. But if a man places all his hope in his own affairs and turns to God with prayer only when unforseen misfortunes befall him, and seeing no means in his own powers to avert them begins to rely on the help of God, his hope is vain and deceptive. True hope seeks first of all the Kingdom of God, and is confident that every earthly necessity of temporal life will doubtless be given… The heart can have no peace so long as it does not acquire such hope… It is of this hope that our Savior’s most holy words speak to us: “Come unto me, all ye that labor and are burdened, and I shall give you rest” (Matt. 11:28); that is, hope in Me and you shall be comforted in your labor and cares.

St Seraphim of Serov

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Veterans Occupy

Another Marine stands up…Remember when Tea Party activists showed up at rallies with guns on their hips? Can you imagine the reaction if the OWS protesters did the same? Thank God they don’t; violence begets violence and reaction, but I don’t recall Tea Party ┬áprotesters being pepper sprayed, arrested, or roughed up.

And another Iraq veteran protester, Scott Olsen, is in critical condition in Oakland after being struck by some sort of police projectile…

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