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In which our heroes leave photographic evidence of their subversive activities:

Read the whole story: http://letflythecannons.blogspot.com/2011/10/well-this-one-took-me-awhile-color.html

And don’t forget to check out the accompanying audio files and links…



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A Prayer Request

I had my second cataract removed Monday. Everything went well and I am no longer looking at the world through one eye; everything is sharp and clear and I only need glasses for reading and painting. I am off work until Saturday, and I am spending the time in Michigan, as my 85 year old  mother had a heart attack last Thursday. We thought that she would be out of the hospital today or tomorrow, but her cardiologist, who has been out of town, came to her room this morning and informed us that the heart valve she had received ten years ago has worn out, and she would need surgery, if she can handle it. The surgeons are going to give us that assessment later today.

Prayers, please.

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No one did cosmic rock like the Moodys…

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A Sin

If we cut our military spending by 90% we would still have the largest military budget in the world….Last year the US spent $663.8 billion on the military.

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