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In which Anna dances: http://letflythecannons.blogspot.com/2011/10/drawing-conclusions-real-part-one.html

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I wrote last summer of my visit to the Flint River Farm. They were recently cited in an article in the Economist:

“The five kinds of heirloom tomatoes on Joanna Lehrman’s and Roxanne Adair’s farm look delicious. Their tiny two-acre (0.8 hectare) farm also has a buzzing beehive and a hoop house, which protects produce in the winter. It is just a short walk from downtown Flint, a gritty struggling Michigan city. Until about a year ago the land was 16 abandoned residential lots along Beach Street, filled with rubbish, broken pieces of concrete and burnt trees.”

More: http://www.economist.com/node/21533417

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Beautiful Dreamer

A quite remarkable young woman’s quite remarkable dream, from OWS in Philadelphia. (The repetition by the crowd is the “human microphone”, a technique used to convey messages to the outer edge of the crowd).

(Thanks to Maclin)

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