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Why Occupy?

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Saturday I worked too late to do anything but take a shower and join my son Patric for the American League playoffs, where the Detroit Tigers were absolutely humiliated. I won’t even recount the score, only report that it was Little League stuff, no offense to all the capable Little Leaguers. And aside from Miguel Cabrera, who got two home runs, and Brandon Inge, who makes outstanding fielding look effortless, the playing was abysmal; lots of flubs, and at one point two outfielders collided trying to catch a long fly, and the one who more or less had it dropped it.

They were also victimized by a couple of bad calls by the umpires; one a strike that was obviously a ball and put the batter out, and one call of “safe” at second which the replay showed clearly to be an (albeit close) out, which should have been the third out in an inning when the Rangers were scoring big.

But even if there had not been player and ump errors they would have lost badly. The other losses in the postseason were close ones, hard fought, but this was a rout, an ignoble end to what had been a fine season.

Maybe next year.

But I found another reason to root for anyone but Texas: the camera caught former owner George W Bush, looking as if he had not a care in the world. If I had caused such mayhem, such carnage, and had driven the country into the ground I don’t think I could sleep at night, but I am willing to wager that Mr Bush sleeps like a baby.

Wealth + no conscience= peace of mind.

Go Cardinals!

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Sunday afternoon I made copies of the distributist flyer and made my way to downtown Canton, eager for protest and conversation.

And found the place deserted. I had read in the paper that Saturday around 150 people had gathered. I knew they were not planning on spending the night- apparently illegal- but assumed that they would keep up some sort of presence.

But apparently not; I guess I’ll have to watch for the next ephemeral non-occupation…


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