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Little Nemo

When I wrote yesterday that Calvin and Hobbes was “perhaps” the best comic strip ever, my friend Maclin¬†Horton said that he would remove the “perhaps”. Another person commented that Krazy Kat wins in that category.

I admit that while I have seen Krazy¬†Kat my whole life I don’t recall ever reading the strip. I also admit that my use of Krazy Kat being hit by a brick was done only because I liked the image for the accompanying article, and it is apparently out of context.

However, I threw in the “perhaps” because I was thinking of Winsor McKay’s “Little Nemo”. He drew it from 1904 until 1915 and it would be innovative even today. They tell the tale of Nemo in Dreamland and are unrivaled in imagery, sometimes nightmarish. The strips are too small to read, but you can see the graphic excellence of the strip from them:

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Seeing Anew

Since my cataract surgery last week I have been amazed at the fine detail that I had been missing. It’s not that my eyes were terrible before; it is more like everything was slightly faded, or just a little less precise. I don’t have Blue Ray, but I have seen it in the stores, and it is almost exactly like switching to it from regular DVD. Indeed, I am wondering what Blue Ray will look like with my new left eye.

In particular I am taken with the beauty of clouds, the subtle colors and intricate shapes. It is almost visionary, and it was such a relatively small change; I can only wonder what things will be like when we finally see things as they are, when our eyes are awakened to the unseen realm.

And I can hardly wait until my other eye is done, when I can take it all as a blessing without squinting.

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(Thanks to Joseph at Byzantine TX)

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Indict the Criminals

“Impeach Bush” has morphed into “Indict Bush”. A good idea, even if the chances are small:


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