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This story appeared in the second issue of Caelum et Terra, the magazine, in 1991. It was in a letter to the editor from the late Dr John Senior. I have been unable to trace its origin, and indeed cannot find a reference to “St John of the Desert”. For all I know Dr Senior made it up. Either way, if it isn’t true, it should be:

An angel came to St John of the Desert commanding him to spend his life watering a dead stick. Day after day at Lauds he carried handfuls from the trickle in the rock he lived by when, on his hundredth birthday, it burst into flowers and he died. A young man hearing the story emulated him. The angel appeared commanding the same and on his hundredth birthday he simply died saying to a disappointed disciple, “We aren’t in it for the flowers.”

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According to the Greeks

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When my young friends Justin and Sia moved to Washington state they told me if I signed up for Facebook I could see photos of their children. And so I did. And within a week I had a message from someone I had not heard from in something like 40 years. How he found me I don’t know; my name is not uncommon and I didn’t even have a profile picture. From there, as anyone who has logged into FB knows, there grew an expanding network of old friends, people I had loved and thought long gone.

All of that was wonderful, but I quickly came to see that there was a lot of annoying things about Facebook, which makes this hilarious:

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