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If Thine Eye Be Single

My cataract surgery on Thursday went well, though my hopes of painting in a few days may prove overoptimistic. For I am still cockeyed; the left eye now has perfect vision everywhere but up close, while the right eye is still bad, so with my glasses off the left eye is clear-sighted, and the right fuzzy, while with the glasses on I have the opposite. Close up is better, but with the left eye sharper it may still prove frustrating trying to paint. I may attempt it tomorrow, though.

I was under the impression that with my glasses on I had perfect vision, but the new lens on my left eye proves otherwise. I walked home from the library yesterday with my glasses off and my right eye closed, and it was extraordinary: there was a clarity and sharpness of detail that I have not seen in many years. Even the colors were brighter. It was almost trippy, seeing the world anew like this. I felt it must echo what it is like when the veil is lifted at death and we see for the first time the spiritual world that hasĀ  always surrounded us unseen.

I’m going to get the other eye done in a couple of weeks, and I look forward to seeing such vibrancy with both eyes. In the meantime I say with Flannery O’Connor “I can, with one eye squinted, take it all as a blessing”.

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I have been a fan of Richard Thompson from his early days in Fairport Convention through his duet years with his former wife Linda into his solo career. Many of his songs are dark (though the guy is hilarious in concert) but here and there there are very sweet ones, like this:

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