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Well, actually he attacks defensive class warfare, when the poor and working classes fight back. He’s been leading the offensive for his fellow millionaires for some time now.

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A Mystery

My icon corner is mostly hand painted, things I have done over the years. The halos on some are brighter than others; the one with the spray matte varnish I have begun using is the brightest of these. The others, where I used liquid oil-based varnish are a bit duller, and the dullest is the one where I used gold paint, at a time I could not afford the pricey gold leaf I like to use.

But by far the brightest gold of all are the small icon reproductions that I bought a few years ago at a Byzantine Catholic church near Flint. The priest says that a bus of wandering Russians sold them to him. They are inexpensive and quite nice, with a lot of detailed filagree work (like the one shown here). These are pretty common, though unfortunately not as ubiquitous as Monastery Icons, which you can find lurking somewhere in just about every Orthodox or Byzantine Catholic church, and which are created by a shadowy group that used to call itself Coptic (though the Copts said they did not know them), then Gnostic Orthodox, and now apparently are a Hindu ashram.

Anyway, the mystery is why these cheap (but nice) reproductions have such bright gold; it is certainly not gold leaf but some sort of foil, I would guess. But how is this brighter than gold? And where can I get some? Anyone?

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Ben Hatke has finished his sequel to his graphic novel Zita the Spacegirl and has sent it off to the┬áprinter. The first Zita was a delightful and imaginative tale of a young earth girl who becomes stranded in another dimension. While trying to rescue her friend, Joseph, whom she had accidently -and recklessly- launched into the other world, she meets various aliens and robots, a giant mouse, and a magician who is not what he seems. Oh, and saves a planet. The book ended with her boarding the magician’s space ship after the device which allows interdimensional travel had been destroyed after sending Joseph home.

My children and I loved the book, and we are looking forward to the further adventures of Zita. Here is the website: http://zitaspacegirl.com/

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