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Hope for the Sinner

If it truly seems difficult and impossible to us that we can ever be converted from such a great multitude of sins because we are caught in their grasp, a temptation, of evil and a sure obstacle to our salvation, let us recall and seriously consider how our Lord, while on this earth, restored sight to the blind, cured the paralytics, healed every sickness. He raised the dead, already decaying and disintegrating. He made the deaf to hear and drove out a legion of devils from one man and restored him to full mental health after such madness. How much more, therefore, will he not convert a soul that turns back to him, seeking from him mercy and in need of his help? Will he not bring such a soul into a freedom from passions and permanence in all virtues with a renewed mind? Will he not lead it to health and inner insight, to thoughts of peace, freed from the blindness, deafness, and death of unbelief, ignorance, and rashness, bringing such a soul to a virtuous moderation and to purity of heart? For he, who created the body, made also the soul and when he walked this earth, he gave help and health to those who approached and begged him for such favors. He granted with generosity and kindness such healings for he was the good and only true physician. So it is with spiritual matters.

-St Macarius the Great

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Going, Going, Gone

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The New Gilded Age

“We have now entered the third post-War phase of restructuring, the post-modern Gilded Age.  American capitalism’s traditional driving force of modernization, manufacturing, has been eclipsed by finance and speculation.  During the second phase, industrial unionism was decimated; now, public unions are on the chopping block.  Capitalism has been restructured into a truly global enterprise and the U.S. is being subject to a form of post-modern “structural adjustment.”  Finance capital’s economic police force, long wrecking havoc in the third world, has come home with a vengeance.  It is succeeding in its goal of recasting the U.S. into a two-tier society.”



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