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O Lord, save your people and bless your inheritance, granting peace to the world; and protect your community by the power of your Cross.

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Fr Robert Barron gets it right, as usual:

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Cheering for Death, Again

After applauding Rick Perry’s killing of over 200 death row inmates, the Prolife Party cheers the death of the uninsured:

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Blowback 101

Why is it so hard to understand that every time some innocent is caught in the crossfire of counterinsurgency warfare a whole family of new enemies is born? Drone warfare is only the latest stupid, counterproductive tool of American imperialism:

“In total, we argue that drone warfare has created five distinct, yet overlapping, forms of blowback: (1) the purposeful retaliation against the United States, (2) the creation of new insurgents, referred to as the “accidental guerrilla” syndrome, (3) the further complication of U.S. strategic coordination and interests in what the Bush and Obama administrations have designated the Afghan/Pakistan (Af/Pak) theatre, (4) the further destabilization of Pakistan and (5) the deterioration of the U.S.-Pakistani relationship. As the drone policy is adapted for use in post-Saleh Yemen, it is important to address these forms of blowback.”

More, from the Middle East Policy Council:


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