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Ten Years After

Amidst the general 9/11 sentimentality, a few are speaking truth:

“Ten years after the world as we knew it came to a sudden end, we find ourselves charting hostile territory. While we were distracted by military carnage overseas and color-coded terror-alert systems here at home, the economy has crumbled at the hands of corporate oligarchs, reckless bankers, and a national debt escalating due to the costs of endless wars, pork-barrel spending, and a lack of fiscal restraint. Corporations continue to rake in profits and benefit from taxpayer-funded bailouts, while middle- and working-class Americans struggle to make ends meet. Our government leaders, gridlocked by partisan politics and the endless quest to get re-elected, have altogether failed in their duty to represent us and our vital interests. Our military, tasked with policing America’s global military empire, has been stretched to the breaking point. The police presence in America has exploded, with unconstitutional and brutal police tactics increasingly condoned by the courts. The right to be considered innocent until proven guilty has been usurped by a new norm in which all citizens are suspects in a surveillance state. And the right to travel has been subjected to draconian security measures that fail to make us safer.”

From John W Whitehead:


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Harvest Moon

Neil Young feels like an old friend; after all, I was all of 14 when I bought my first Buffalo Springfield album. Through these many years he has continued to make fine music in a wide variety of styles, from hard rock to country and folk, from the intensely political to the introspective and personal. Not that he has not had his missteps, from his romanticization of the Aztecs in “Cortez the Killer” to broad stereotyping in “Southern Man” and “Alabama”.

I was going through old CDs last night and heard this for the first time in a long while. I always loved this tune ,from the early 90s, but let’s just say it means a lot more now that I am 15 years into married life than it did when I was a bachelor.

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