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One Mean Dog

“I have always believed that those that foster the entitlement mentality and the welfare state do more to harm humanity than almost any criminal. Hard work has its own rewards, and not only financial. Self-esteem is something that is priceless. Without it human achievement is negligible. With it, there is no limit to what an individual can accomplish.

I personally know men that were born into extremely disadvantaged circumstances. How about a thatched hut with a dirt floor in Africa? Two such men that I know went on to become multi-millionaires in the United States. They did not expend valuable energy complaining about how bad they had it. They expended a flood of blood, sweat, and tears working multiple jobs at a time, saving their hard-earned money, and ultimately achieving the American dream.

Losers make excuses. Winners make it happen. It may sound harsh, but it’s true.”

Ayn Rand? Paul Ryan? Robert Sirico?

Nah, it’s John “Black Sheep Dog” Corapi. Besides denigrating the poor and workers and preaching the gospel of rugged individualism, he is promoting the  latest version of his autobiography, due later this month, called -with no apparent irony- “Don’t Look Back”.

That there are still those who believe every word of the BS Dawg is astonishing, and a testament to human gullibility. While some may welcome his latest attempt to make a buck, er, set the record straight, I for one have lost interest. I always was suspicious of him and his tall tales- a contemporary of Corapi’s, a Green Beret commander in Vietnam, told me pointedly that Corapi’s story of his whole Special Forces class dying in combat “never happened”- at this point my intuitions have been vindicated. The man is making a spectacle of himself. His narcissism is running amok.

As far as I’m concerned, John Corapi, the Dog on the Hog,  has ridden that Harley off into the sunset of complete irrelevance.

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