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A Question for My Readers

When I sat down at the computer this morning I had not been online since Saturday morning. The first thing I saw was that there was a spirited discussion about a post from a couple of months ago, about how everyone has benefited from labor unions, whether or not they belong to unions. I thought it curious that the thread had been revived (I had not written the piece but copied it from a lefty site; the link is at the bottom of the article).

Then I looked at my stats, and was surprised to see that yesterday, Labor Day, had been my busiest ever; nearly 6,000 visitors, almost double the previous record. And I saw that most of these had come from Facebook. There may be a way to figure out just where on Facebook all this traffic originated, but I don’t know it: when I click the link it just takes me to the log in page, which just takes me to my FB page.

Obviously someone- someone with a LOT of friends- linked to my post for Labor Day. But I have no idea who did this; I thought maybe a labor union page, but a lot of the people commenting are not union members, and some are not too friendly to labor.

So, if you have ventured here via Facebook, could you please tell me from whence you embarked? Besides curiosity, I also would like to thank whoever is responsible; in the past big spikes have resulted in a bigger permanent readership.


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The Invisible Hand

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Three old men, of whom one had a bad reputation,came one day to Abba Achilles.
The first asked him,
“Father, make me a fishing-net.”
“I will not make you one,” he replied.
Then the second said,
“Of your charity make one, so that we may have a souvenir of you in the monastery.”
But he said,
“I do not have time.”
Then the third one, who had a bad reputation, said,
“Make me a fishing-net, so that I may have something from your hands, Father.”
Abba Achilles answered him at once,
“For you, I will make one.”
Then the two other old men asked him privately,
“Why did you not want to do what we asked you, but you promised to do what he asked?”
The old man gave them this answer,
“I told you I would not make one, and you were not disappointed, since you thought that I had no time. But if I had not made one for him, he would have said, ‘The old man has heard about my sin, and that is why he does not want to make me anything,’ and so our relationship would have broken down. But now I have cheered his soul, so that he will not be overcome with grief.”

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War as Private Enterprise

“For every soldier deployed in the decade long global war on terror, one private contractor worked alongside. The cost of this – according to the final report of the Commission on Wartime Contracting issued Wednesday – has been $206bn paid out to private contractors in the global war on terror. Roughly one out of every five dollars went to one contractor – KBR of Houston, Texas, a former subsidiary of Halliburton, which took in five times more than the next biggest contractor, Agility of Kuwait.”

Read the rest: http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/cifamerica/2011/aug/31/us-military-contractor-waste

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