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This is a bit from Terry Gilliam’s excellent film Time Bandits, and is a hilarious parody of liberal charity. It sort of reminds me of forcing the poor to piss in a little cup before you give them anything.

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Peeing on the Peons

A friend recently posted something on Facebook celebrating the fact that welfare recipients in Florida now have to be tested by urinalysis for drugs. “Random drug tests are the norm for hiring and for many jobs. Why shouldn’t people have to be tested to get government benefits?” was the logic.

But that is the wrong question. The right question is “Why the hell should anyone be subjected to such intrusive and degrading tests?”

I am neither a drug user nor a libertarian, but this seems a no-brainer. Besides the assault on human dignity, there are many reasons why this is no solution: false positives, which have ruined many lives, the ease by which the tests can be faked, etc. But really, if one is abusing drugs to the point that it is affecting his performance at work, can’t the bad performance be dealt with on its own? And if your drug use does not affect your work, whose business is that but yours and perhaps law enforcement? And if welfare recipients art tested for drugs, shouldn’t they also be tested for  alcohol? And tobacco? And hey, why not, trans fats?

The logic- given by the bosses, of course- is that drug enforcement at work saves money. By that logic, the shareholders of corporations ought to insist that  executives also face mandatory urinalysis, as a drug-addled boss is likely to make bad decisions with company funds. Can you remotely imagine executives submitting to this? Of course not; they have too high an opinion of themselves and their dignity for that. What they do not have is any regard for the dignity of their workers. Mandatory drug testing is a slap in the face to those whose labor earns the profits that the bosses pocket.

So let a movement arise: Just Say No to Drug Testing. I even have a slogan for this new resistance: “Keep your nose out of my pee!”

Update: I read in the paper today that legislation has been proposed here in Ohio to mandate drug tests for welfare recipients. One Democrat in the legislature has penned his own bill, which would require urinalysis for everyone who draws a paycheck from tax dollars: judges, legislators, police, etc. The logic is irrefutable, but I wonder how far that one will go….

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