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Anne Briggs…

The purest voice of the British folk revival:

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Africa and Orthodoxy

It was a moment of revelation for Sharon Gomulka.

The Livonia woman, who was raised a Missionary Baptist and converted to Lutheranism, visited an Orthodox Christian Church one day several years ago and watched as white worshippers kissed the image of a dark-skinned man. It was the feast day of St. Moses the Black and the congregation had lined up to venerate his icon.

“I didn’t realize it was his feast day and I didn’t know about venerating icons. I had a paradigm shift of the many Caucasian people kissing this black man,” Gomulka recalled. “And I began to question what kind of church is this? Who are these people that color does not seem to truly matter?”

More: http://www.hometownlife.com/article/20110821/LIFE/108210389

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War? What War?

How the wars are under-reported:

“This paucity of reporting – the almost total reliance on just a few reporters – has stark implications for how the war is perceived back home. The fewer the reporters, the fewer the first-hand accounts needed for citizens to form knowledgeable opinions of the war. It’s an issue that is hardly ever discussed in the press but one that is not lost on historians. University of Michigan professor Juan Cole told Nieman Watchdog that the lack of  “sustained television reportage of Afghanistan is inexcusable” and represents “the most irresponsible behavior in all of the annals of war journalism.” Other experts and experienced war correspondents of the Vietnam era also were highly critical.”



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