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I have, in my life, converted to any number of things, moved on, then reverted and converted again. I think I have finally settled down, and this is a very sharp analysis of the stages one goes through:


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The New Homeless

Recently the face of homelessness has changed; new homeless people are less likely to be mentally ill or addicted, and more likely to be people who have lost their jobs and their homes to foreclosure.

Homeless advocates find themselves helping a new group of people who are out on the street for the first time, said Richard Brown, chief executive officer of Monarch Housing Associates, a statewide nonprofit organization in Cranford, N.J., that helps the homeless find housing.

“This is their first experience falling through the cracks,” Brown said. “They can’t make ends meet and then end up living in motels, shelters and cars — or couch-surfing from one relative to another.

“These are scary times for all of us. If you don’t hear the voices (of the homeless), they’re hidden.”



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