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Breivik’s Manifesto

Here is the video that Anders Breivik posted hours before his rampage. Initial reports say that he is not insane, but this is pretty weird:


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My sons, Patric, 14, and Joseph, 11, have just completed their first short animated film. Here it is, with Joseph as the alien and the office girl, and Patric as the doctor:

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Dark Irony

A few days ago if you told someone that there had been mass terror in Norway, of all places, odds are he would assume that it was the work of Islamic militants.

Instead, of course, it turns out that this horror was perpetrated by a nationalistic, anti-immigrant Norwegian who spouted anti-Islamic rhetoric, was fervently pro-Israel, expressed a desire to start a Norwegian Tea Party movement, called himself a Christian, invoked the crusades, and ranted against “cultural Marxism”.

In short, he should have gotten a radio talk show; he’d fit right in.

And apparently the young people he attacked had, the day before, held a  pro-Palestinian rally.

Of course, those who hold similar ideas will no doubt emphasize that the man was mentally ill, and as they have done in the past in response to Right wing violence, insist that no way are such ideas responsible for the mayhem.

Maybe, but as the Right is quick to point out in other contexts, ideas do have consequences. Spread fear and suspicion and paranoia and guess what?

It may well trigger violence in an unstable mind.

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