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“Germany, with its 6% unemployment rate against the US 14 % unemployment rate, enacted policies based on strengthening and building unions as a way of increasing consumer spending through higher wages paid to union workers. Thus this policy reduces unemployment by increasing workers’ purchasing power. In addition, German policies encouraging union building and negotiation power found that it was able to reduce economic inequality. Proof of this is the fact that the top 1% of German households earns 11% of all income, virtually unchanged since 1970. However, in the US the top 1% makes more than 20% of all income, up from 9% in 1970. It should be noted that Germany has the tightest market regulation of banks in Europe.”

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When I was in seminary, in the 80s, we had a beloved teacher named Fr Quinn. He was a big, slow moving elderly man; bald, bespectacled, and round, an Irish/American whose very cultivated accent sounded, of all things, English. His sense of humor was very dry, and he would, when lecturing on some aberrant opinion of  “our separated Anglican brethren”, stop and look over his glasses and say, in his deep voice, “Oooh, those  separated Anglican brethren”.

I believe he was long gone before the “separated Anglican brethren” became our apostate former brethren, but I thought of him when I read this story:

“Long Island Episcopal Bishop Lawrence Provenzano has put his foot down against gay clergy  residing in homosexual relationships, and has given a nine month deadline for them to either get married or stop living together, according to the News Observer.”

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And an Episcopal bishop named “Provenzano”? What’s up with that?

On the other hand, an Episcopal bishop, exercising authority? Kind of refreshing, no?

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A lengthy interview with the new Ukrainian Catholic Primate:

“First, our identity is the identity of Kyivan Christianity during Volodymyr’s baptism, when the newly established church on the lands of Kyivan Rus’ was a subsidiary of the Church of the Patriarchate of Constantinople and, on the other hand, in communion with the Apostolic See. Our identity is a testimony of the church when Christianity was not divided. Though after all the dramatic events, this identity of our church faced various dangers throughout history and sometimes was not even recognized as a church.

Today, in the third millennium, we also strive to live this identity. So, on the one hand, we strive to further discover and learn about the roots of the church, which was born from St. Volodymyr’s baptism, which is a national church, which is a church of the Eastern tradition according to not only its rites but also its spirituality, canonical and theological heritage. But on the other hand, it is a church that cherishes its communion with the Roman Apostolic See.”

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Cuts; everybody gets them: the poor and working classes get their benefits cut, and the wealthy, well, the wealthy get their taxes cut.

And please, don’t dismiss this because it includes family planning statistics. I am not endorsing any particular method of birth control by posting this very illuminating graph…


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