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Heat Wave: Updated

NOAA Environmental Visualization Laboratory – Heat Wave Sweeps Across the U.S..

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After Walker Percy died, a friend who had a tape from another friend who had interviewed Dr Percy invited a few of us over to listen. We poured a few bourbons on the rocks and settled in to listen.

Dr Percy and his interviewer, a fairly conventional East Coast intellectual, also poured their own bourbons, and as the interview progressed we could hear the tinkling of the melting ice cubes evolve into higher and higher notes, as the interviewer grew less and less coherent, even as the good doctor grew more eloquent.

Not sure if that was because he was a Southerner or a writer,or both,  but there it is.

This looks good, a documentary -finally- on one of the twentieth century’s great American novelists:

Thanks for the heads up to Michael Boover….

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Another Feast

July 21 is the feast of Daniel the prophet in the Roman Martyrology. It is also my birthday, though my parents had no idea of this synchronicity.

This is the Mozarabic chant of the Benedicte, from the book of Daniel:


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When I lived near DC Ethiopian restaurants were a favorite, and I bought a couple of paintings on goatskin there, very inexpensive, which now hang on my wall. I also attended at times the Ethiopian Catholic parish in NE Washington. This is a fine article on the Ethiopian and Eritrean communities in the nation’s capital:

Estimates of the number of Ethiopians in the Washington, D.C., area vary widely, with some suggesting as many as 250,000. Dr. Tsehaye Teferra, president of the Arlington-based Ethiopian Community Development Council, puts the number closer to 100,000. The community is scattered, with Ethiopians living in the Virginia cities of Alexandria and Arlington and the Adams Morgan and Shaw neighborhoods of the District of Columbia.

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Heat Wave

NOAA Environmental Visualization Laboratory – Heat Wave Sweeps Across the U.S..

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