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Meet the New Boss

America hoped. And Obama changed.

Never, perhaps, in the history of the Republic has a president so betrayed his campaign promises.

It is like this: Say McCain was elected. The first thing he does is withdraw all forces from Iraq and Afghanistan. Then he closes Guantanamo. Then he unilaterally dismantles America’s nuclear arsenal. He announces that all American military bases around the world will close, and that there will be massive cuts in the military budget.

Far-fetched? Perhaps, but no stranger than what the Peace Candidate wrought.

America hoped. And Obama changed.

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What’s Been Lost

There has been a tremendous loss of diversity in the food supply in the last century, thanks to the triumph of hybrid varieties, bred often for high yields and ease in shipping rather than disease or drought resistance.  This graph illustrates what has been lost:

A fine article from National Geographic on the subject: http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/2011/07/food-ark/siebert-text

These are folks who have been working since 1975 to preserve the ancient varieties of seed:


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