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Apparently the Black Sheep Wonder Dog is not above using the tools of the World. There is a method to his madness after all. But why do I think that even this will not faze his loyal sheep, who are giving a whole new meaning to the word “undiscerning”?

From the National Catholic Register:

“Father Gerard Sheehan, regional priest-servant of SOLT and Father Corapi’s religious superior in the U.S., confirmed June 19 that the order’s investigation faced complications created by a civil suit filed by Father Corapi against the former employee who had accused him of sexual misconduct.

“When she left the company, she signed a contract that she would not reveal anything that happened to her while she was at Santa Cruz Media. Father Corapi paid her for this. Father was suing her for a breach of contract,” said Father Sheehan, though he did not specify why Father Corapi had initiated the non-disclosure agreement.

The civil suit against the former employee created a problem for SOLT investigators.

“In canon law, there can’t be any pressure on witnesses; they have to be completely free to speak. The investigation was compromised because of the pressure on the witnesses. There were other witnesses that also had signed non-disclosure agreements,” said Father Sheehan.

“The canon lawyers were in a difficult situation, and Father does have his civil rights and he decided to follow his legal counsel, which he had a right to do,” he said. “We tried to continue the investigation without speaking to the principal witnesses.”

The investigation was halted after Father Corapi “sent us a letter resigning from active ministry and religious life. I have written him a letter asking him to confirm that decision. If so, we will help him with this process of leaving religious life,” said Father Sheehan.”

Read more: http://www.ncregister.com/daily-news/father-corapis-bombshell/#ixzz1PmNrdCv0

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Just a Reminder

I have to remind everyone to behave civilly in the comboxes;  no name-calling or insults, please. We can disagree without casting aspersions on one another. If you all can’t do this I will delete your comments.

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