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Fr John Corapi has announced that he is no longer “Father John Corapi” but is now just “John Corapi, the Black Sheep Dog” and he will begin an independent web broadcast. Further, he is now going to “feed and guard” not just the Church, but the whole world. Just what form this new ministry may take is not clear, but it sounds sort of super-heroish.

As there has been no pronouncement from his (former?) superiors in the Society of Our Lady of the Trinity, nor from others involved in the investigation into the charges against Mr Corapi, it is hard to tell what has transpired.  He sounds defensive and accusatory, and apparently the charges have stuck. Mr Corapi insists on his innocence and on his love for the Church, but I have a very bad feeling about this. His loyal devotees will no doubt follow him wherever he goes, and I fear he may go very far adrift.

Not least, I am troubled by the “Black Sheep Dog” trademark image he has chosen, which you can see here. Is it just me, or does that “sheepdog” look more like a wolf, and one with a hungry look in his eye?

Pray for John Corapi,  and pray for those who are blinded by loyalty to him.

I fear where all this may lead.

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