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This article, from the Orthodox Peace Fellowship journal,  In Communion, sums up what is both most attractive and most problematic in modern Orthodoxy, in ways that perhaps the author does not grasp:

The take-home lesson of the sophiologists, I believe, is that we can have correct dogma, ritual and even administration, yet still lack the substance, if we do not also have beauty. More than that, when beauty is present, we find that even the deficits our humanity inevitably introduces into the expression of dogma, ritual and administration are bearable, and do not suffice to sever us from hope, communion and even joy. The upholding of beauty is one of the most truthful and life-affirming declarations we can make. Beauty is not empty. It contains the fullness of hope, and holds in secret all that hope anticipates

 It seems obvious that, in our modern efforts to be Orthodox and transmit Orthodoxy, we are missing “something.” Try as we might, coherency escapes us. Our endeavors rarely come together in a wholeness that resembles the image of the Church we hold in our hearts. No matter how much we adjust the recipe, some critical ingredient seems lacking.

Read the rest:http://www.incommunion.org/2011/05/16/beauty-will-save-the-church/

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Tripoli (AsiaNews) – “NATO has intensified bombings and continues to create victims. The missiles are falling everywhere and, unfortunately, not only affect military zones, but also civilian areas. The people in Tripoli are suffering, even if nobody talks about it. ” So says MgrGiovanni Innocenzo Martinelli, Apostolic Vicar of Tripoli.The prelate said that the bombing last night damaged several buildings, including a Coptic church located a few hundred meters from a military barracks.

Read the rest: http://www.asianews.it/news-en/Bishop-of-Tripoli:-NATO-bombs-a-Coptic-church.-Civilian-Casualties.-21722.html

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